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Rarible Tutorial [Start with the NFT Rarirble Platform in 10…

Rarible Tutorial will give you a realistic idea of what an NFT platform is.
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This Rarible Tutorial will show you an NFT platform where you can buy, sell and create NFTs. It is a part of the new NFT course we launched in 2021.

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Rarible Tutorial is a video that aims to give you a quick idea of what an NFT platform looks like, how much the top sellers make per day, and what is a realistic price for NFT.

On Rarible you can fine digital art, videos, photos, and domain names as well. In the crypto world, everything is possible. Even domain names that end on .eth or .crypto.

In this Rarible Tutorial, you will hear important tips on how to select a valuable domain name and the people are buying the artist and not the NFT itself.

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This was a quick Rarible Tutorial, thank you for watching and I will see you in the next video!


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