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How Google Treats Affiliate Links For Search Engine Ranking …

One of the primary concerns of most Affiliate marketers is dealing with affiliate links from the SEO perspective.

One way to make sure your affiliate site grows and doesn’t get penalized due to affiliate links is by making sure you are adding value to your layer of content. An affiliate site should also be promoted and maintained like any other high-quality site.

I have one Webhosting affiliate site and most of the time, I have 1-2 affiliate links in every blog post. Somehow, with the recent YMYL update, traffic increased and now it’s ranking in the top 10 for many money keywords. Lucky me, but to make sure Google doesn’t penalize me for using affiliate links, I take care of a few things, which I will discuss below after the video.

Also, see this reply from John Muller:

Now, those who keep an eye on SEO and Google search update must be knowing Google’s engineer:  Matt Cutts.

At a recent, SEM Expo conference, Matt Cutts talked about how Google handles affiliate links and what should we do if we are worried about such affiliate Links.

Though this video is short, after the video read my technique to avoid any SEO penalty due to affiliate links.