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SEO Marketing – Cerberus Digital Media – https://cerberusdigitalservices.com/

Welcome everybody. This is Jonathan Kirk.

And Ryan Blitz.

We’re with Cerberus Digital Media, LLC, also known as CerberusDigitalServices.com. Check us out for more information. We are a full-service digital media company and we are launching right now to the market and we are available to take on new clientele and we have been requested to really create some content to kind of break down what we’re about, why were we created, how were we created, and what the benefit that we deliver is, and what people can expect from us in the future as we continue to grow and evolve.

So Ryan is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is a founding partner with myself and we’ve custom built this organization, this platform of services and products, to be tailored to the business owner that really doesn’t have the time to go and become the SEO marketer, the digital media guru, learn how to do the backlinks, on-page SEO, keyword research, create the content. And for myself, I utilize these products as well because I know to stay on page one for my chosen keywords, when I was getting kicked off, we had to start evolving.

And that’s where this really came to be was as a product for us, the KirkHomeGroup.com, where Ryan also works with us on the front end operations to keep business coming in. So we saw an issue where we were getting pushed off page one. I’m like, “Ryan, we need help.” So he’s like, “I’ll go to work on it.” And we did, and we’ve got serious, serious support right now when it comes to the Kirk Home Group from Cerberus Digital Media Services. So I’m my own best client. I created this company selfishly for our own reasons and then realized how good it was and that we can actually help the masses.

Yeah, it was created out of selfish reasons because there was a need for us personally to continue to grow and succeed. And when other people on social media or friends or family started to see us popping up around the internet, it’s like, “Wow, how did you do that? Can you help?” Okay.

Can we help you?

Sure we can help you but we also got a business to run. So that’s when Cerberus was born as another business to help other businesses.

As well as our business.


Because what I did to get to page one, it was a lot of heavy lifting. It was years and years of work. This is something that can bypass that long-term project. It’s not going to completely bypass it. It’s not a shortcut. There’s a ramp up period. But for me, from the experienced digital marketer to the inexperienced digital marketer, you’re going to need the services at one time or another.

You spent a lot of time building that muscle, getting that growth going.


There’s really, you can continue to do that yourself, which takes up the time that you’re a real estate agent.


You shouldn’t be spending that much time doing that. My job at Cerberus is to help you get back to your job.

That’s right, which you have. I haven’t been creating content for quite some time remembering rates are continuously going up. So let’s break it down for everybody listening right now. What does it look like to work with us? If somebody is like, “Well, I don’t even understand what this means” or “I do understand what it means and I want to get together and connect with you, Ryan.” How did they reach out for more information?

So the best way to reach out for more information is either to send us an email at info@cerberusdigitalservices.com, or to look us up on the internet and go to our website cerberusdigitalservices.com. We actually have a snapshot form on there, which is where we’ll start. We’ll enter in a bunch of information from the clients.


And we have our own proprietary software that runs algorithms that will give us metrics and visuals to help you understand your digital presence. So when you think of your digital presence, you think of your website, you think of your Facebook page, but that’s not your digital presence. Your digital presence is how you’re found online, how you appear online. Most people don’t really even know what aggregators are or what the listing sites are.

Yeah, I don’t even know.

And without those, an SEO campaign can be helpful, but it’s not as powerful or has the longevity that it should.


So we start with a good solid base to make sure that the current presence is up to par, that we’ve spelled things like the words road or sweep all the same way, because having them spell differently will impact your SEO campaign.

Our Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdiIKz-b6AxY9kXj1JCmqJg


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