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5 Examples of B2B Brands Rocking With Influence in 2021…

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How does influence help B2B brands achieve success?

Influence may be multifaceted almost to a fault, however a key essence is its role in providing smart answers to the questions your audiences have.

Reaching target audiences through digital channels was recently found to be a top-three critical challenge for B2B marketers.

A new LinkedIn* report of the most in-demand marketing skills has shown that digital marketing represented the biggest mismatch of skills in supply and demand. Influence is a vital element of successful digital marketing, and presents B2B marketers with a powerful tool to overcome this challenge, and the five brands we’ll examine here have each used influence in a variety of ways to achieve digital marketing success.

These five brands are rocking with the power of influence, engaging audiences and telling captivating brand stories.

Let’s jump right in and take a look at their success.

1 — Dotgo


For Dotgo, a provider of rich communication services (RCS) and other business messaging solutions, enlisting subject matter experts from firms including Orange, Vodafone, Synchronoss, and IMI Mobile was an important part of explaining its mission.

Providing whitepaper content to influence potential industry customers involved a close look at the power today’s latest chatbot technology offers, including person-to-application (P2A) messaging, the benefit of chatbot directories for enterprise businesses, and the first customizable object recognition application for the visually impaired.

DotGo Chart

Another forum for utilizing influence is through industry award events, a route Dotgo has pursued with recognition from the Cannes Lions Awards, being shortlisted for innovation in early state technology. Find @DOTGO on Twitter.

2 — True Name by Mastercard

True Name By Mastercard

With its True Name initiative, Mastercard achieved global adoption and more than two billion impressions by tapping into the power of influence to promote its program that lets those in the transgender and non-binary communities display their chosen name on certain credit cards.

The campaign brought success in the form of positive brand sentiment, with a 3,000 percent increase, and achieved additional exposure through winning multiple industry awards, including the Black Pencil award at the 2021 D&AD Awards and shortlisting at Cannes.