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Your Go-To Small Business Marketing Guide for 2019 (New Tips…

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, an incredible two-thirds of small business owners and entrepreneurs (66%) are personally responsible for three or more areas of their business, including marketing.

From email and social media campaigns to pricing, branding, and strategy, it can be a challenge for many small business owners to excel at marketing while also focusing on growing their business.

That’s where we hope to help!

That’s why we teamed up with Mailchimp, Square, and WooCommerce to bring you a brand-new small business marketing playbook. In this five-part email series, you’ll receive specific and actionable marketing strategies that you can use in the remainder of 2018 and throughout 2019 to grow your business in meaningful ways.

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We’ve also put together a special Buffer Podcast episode as a bonus to our the new email series. Whether you’re looking for a fresh approach to your marketing strategy or just a few new ideas to try, this episode will help you get where you want to go in 2019.

Let’s dive in!

Your go-to small business marketing guide for 2019 (Podcast)

What follows is a lightly-edited transcript of the Buffer Podcast for your reading pleasure.

Table of Contents

Hailley: Hi everyone! I’m Hailley Griffis and this is The Science of Social Media, a podcast by Buffer. Your weekly sandbox for social media stories, insights, experimentation, and learning.

Brian: Welcome to episode #120, I’m Brian Peters and this week we have a very special episode lined up for you. 2019 is almost here which can only mean one thing… It’s time for small businesses to shine. Whether you’re looking for a fresh approach to your marketing strategy or just a few new ideas to try, today’s guide should help you get where you want to go.

Hailley: We’ve heard from so many folks how challenging it can be to keep up with the latest small business marketing strategies and tactics. So this episode is for you all. Hopefully it’ll bring you a ton of success in the new year.

Brian: We are incredibly excited to launch this new campaign.

Working with Mailchimp and Square has been really insightful because they work with small businesses every single day and so everything we talk about in that email series is brand new and highly relevant.

Part I: High-level small business marketing strategies

Hailley: Let’s start high-level and then dive into some more specific marketing strategies.

We’ve dwindled down small business marketing to three essential, high-level strategies. By practicing these 3 things, you’re setting yourself up for long-term success rather than aimlessly trying new tactics for short-term gains.

  • Make a commitment to marketing

One of the biggest hurdles for small businesses looking to improve their marketing efforts is simply making a commitment to good marketing. Without that commitment, it’s bound to not meet your expectations.

Brian: In order to make a commitment, we suggest doing the following.

One is to set time aside. Brands like AJ&Smart, for example, that we talked about episode 113, set several hours aside each week to plan out their social media and email schedule for the week. Then, they carve out 3-5 hours for pure content creation so that they can get back to running their business.

Two is to set clear goals. Research shows that you’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis. Write down specific marketing goals that you would like to achieve over the coming month(s) and year.

Hailley: Three, of course, is to stay patient: All good things take time. Try not to fall into the trap of thinking good marketing happens overnight.

Small businesses that play the long game by creating consistently great content are the ones that eventually reap the rewards.

Brian: The next high-level strategy is to:

  • Focus your efforts on a few core channels

If you try to do everything with your marketing strategy you end up doing next to nothing. Focus is key when developing new marketing ideas, and exploring opportunities.

Hailley: This goes back to setting time aside, right? If you only have a few hours each week for marketing, you have to be super focused on doing things that will have a big impact.

The key is to experiment often until you find one or two channels that show really good traction and double down on those small business marketing channels until they become ineffective.

Brian: Finally, as a small business, it’s important to:

  • Share your authentic story

Creating great marketing content for your small business isn’t only about showing the value of your product or your services to customers. It’s also an incredible way to help people get to know you and your business.

Hailley: Many top brands today thrive by creating and cultivating a personality. They each have an opinion, they stand for something, they’re relatable. In other words, they’re human.

Brian: One of my favorite brands is an outdoor clothing and gear retailer called Huckberry and from the very first welcome email, they use a sort of brand storytelling approach that’s woven into even the smallest of details.

Every word perfectly placed to give their readers a sense of what they stand for.

Hailley: We’re good to go on high-level thinking.

Now we’re ready to get into some specific tactics.

Part II: Social media strategies for small businesses