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ClusterAi Review – Automates Keyword Research & Saves Hu…

Keyword grouping is one of the misunderstood areas of keyword research, and in my understanding, it is one of the critical aspects of a rock-solid keyword research process. Thanks to tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz, one could mine thousands of keywords within minutes. But making sense out of these keywords by grouping them is a tiring task. It could easily take a few hours to group keywords (If you are doing manually), and then also the accuracy is never guaranteed.

This is where keyword grouping tools come into the picture. Meet ClusterAi which automates grouping keywords.

If you have never tried such a tool, you need to use it once to see the power of it. In this review of ClusterAi, you will learn everything about this amazing SEO tool.

What is ClusterAi and what it can do for you?

ClusterAi is a keyword grouping tool that users search intent to group keywords, and helps you to save significant time in keyword research process. Since grouping is done based on SERP data, the result is more accurate than manual keyword research.

If you like to learn by watching video, watch this video to understand what ClusterAi Keyword tool could do for you: