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Classic Divorce Court: The Social Media Bully…

***PREVIOUSLY AIRED EPISODE – Phone numbers that appear in this episode are no longer valid.***
If you would like to be a litigant on the show you can call 1-877-311-2222 to apply.

Terrence and Charity have been living together for 5 years. Terrence says he can’t trust Charity with his social media page. He says she writes down the names of all his female friends for proof just in case he’s seen with them. He also says she’s a big flirt and doesn’t introduce him to people as her man. Charity says Terrence is a bad communicator and he brushes things off rather than discussing them. She also says he’s not understanding and told her to “get over it” when her grandmother passed away! She says he also doesn’t have a filter and will tell people how it is, regardless of their feelings.

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