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Shorten URL by : Amazing Internet Marketing Tool…

Shorten URL by : Amazing Internet Marketing Tool

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In this time we want to share you about an amazing internet marketing tool, shorten url by
It’s free to use this shorten url tool.

Beside to create shorten url , it has many others advantages as follows :
– Can customize the shorten url
– Can create many shorten url for one long url
– Can track the performance of each shorten url

Here’s the steps to create shorten url by :
1. Copy & Paste the long url on the box provided
2. Customize your shorten url on the box provided
3. Click “Shorten” button

Beside explain the steps in details to create shorten url , in this video internet marketing tutorial , we also will practice to create shorten url .
We will show you how to create some shorten url from the same long url.

To see the performance of each shorten url, follow this step :
– Click manage your link
– Click Statistics
And than you can see the performance indicator
– Views (redirects)
– Distinct users
– Distinct referrer sites
– Distinct referrer pages
– Stats views (this page)
– Short url creation date
– Compression rate
– QR Code
– And you still can see others performace indicator

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See you next time in other internet marketing tutorial

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