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Gambling SEO – An Online Marketing Guide for Online Casinos

Lay the Right Foundation! Know with 100% Certainly Whether It’s Even Possible to Rank in that Market.

Before you begin, you need to know that there are some impossibilities. For example, you CANNOT rank an affiliate site in the UK for “online casino”.
You can rank an actual online casino site though.


It’s the local government’s policies based on which Google decides who can and can’t rank. On Google Germany, a search for “casino online” results in 4 affiliates and 6 casinos. (see screenshot below)

In the Netherlands, it’s 8 affiliates and 2 casinos. This is essential SEO data, and you must do a careful market analysis to see what is and isn’t possible in your target market.

100 Hours of Competition Analysis – The Holy Grail of Success.
If I want to enter a new market, I spend the time to average out:

The better you know your competition; the more likely you are to win!

This research takes many hours but is worth every minute. Here’s what We take note for up to 30 high ranking competitor domains:

Text links (90%)
Image links (10%)
Links to the homepage (75%) – the reason it says warning on my Excel sheet is, my client’s website has over 75% links pointing to the homepage, which needs fixing.
Links to internal pages (25%)
URL anchor texts (12%)

Social metrics – In the above example you can see that even sites with no social visibility rank. But it’s still better to have a few shares on Facebook and G+ only because that enables people to get in touch if they need to.
Links from domains with the country TLD (over 55%)
And finally outgoing link numbers and authority of websites being linked to (about 20 outbound links from the entire site)

If you can’t find a site that ticks all boxes (or if no one’s willing to sell), just start on a fresh domain name.

Unless it’s a local TLD, set the region preference on Google Webmaster tools.

Round 1 – Fight!

Authority + Relevancy = The perfect partnership!
If you give your site 500 links from the world’s most powerful sites, you won’t rank, unless those links were subjective. Similarly, thousands of subjective links won’t matter unless they had super high authority.

The secret sauce is getting the authority and relevancy right.

Say you’re about to acquire a link from a very popular, high authority website in your country. Instead of inserting your link on an unrelated page, get them to write about a gambling-related topic and link to one of your internal pages where you’ve covered that news.

Build a Network of Sites Around Your Main Money Site
Build sites that talk about:

Gambling news
The biggest gambling wins
Gambling addiction help
Casino etiquettes and rules
Game rules
Various things to do with casinos like:
Dressing code
Interior design
Gambling as a business
Success/failure stories etc.
Create sites that that review casino and sports betting websites on different parameters like:
Biggest jackpots
Payment methods
Even sites about physical casinos or hotels that have casinos
Gambling law in that country
The list is endless! Let’s call these – authority sites!

Host these sites at different hosts/IP addresses with different accounts and don’t interlink them. I’ll come to what these are used for in just a bit.

Links – The How, Where & Why!

Remember – It is Possible!
Most ranks are dominated by smart young men and women who focus on great user experience and work smart.

We’ve done it over and over again and you can too.

Don’t play near the edge, the risks are too high, and a lot of effort can go bloop! If you’re not careful. Do it with the intention of creating something great and the result will usually be good.

Some say things were different before 2012. The penguins and pandas ruined it.

Fact is – those that ruled the rankings then, rule it now. When rules change, adapt and play by the new rules.

Good luck!

Money Money Money Money (like the US Apprentice title song)


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