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Harsh Agrawal: My Blogging Journey So Far…

Speaking at InOrbit 2019 in Slovenia.

On the 1st of December 2014, ShoutMeLoud had its 6th anniversary and I wanted to write my blogging journey which could help others to take up blogging as a serious career.

This is going to be lengthy and a bit boring, as it’s about me and my blogging journey so far. So if you are passionate about blogging then only read it, otherwise, check out the other categories of ShoutMeLoud.

This post is all about how I started my first blog and later on how I created a network of profitable blogs, after the first successful blog.

Note: I have updated the information and a few links so that you could know what’s happening now.

This is my latest picture from an international conference where I was talking about creating a million dollar blog:

Here is the latest video where I shared how things have evolved in the past ten years: