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It’s Finally Here – the .LLC Top-Level Domain is Live on Hov…

If you operate a Limited Liability Company, or LLC, you finally have a domain name extension that’s perfect for the company you operate! Hover is happy to announce that the .LLC Top-Level Domain has gone live as of September 19th 2018 at noon EST. With the introduction of .LLC, your Limited Liability Company will now be able to establish a proper identity online that is more closely aligned with your existing identities and branding. The .LLC Top-Level Domain (TLD, also known as a domain name extension) is open to anyone to register which means that even if your company is in the ideas or early stages, you can snag the domain name you want so that it’s ready when you are. Whether you’re a well established LLC or just in-the-making, the .LLC domain name is perfect for you.

What is an LLC?

For those of you who aren’t aware, a Limited Liability Company, referred to in short as an LLC, is a form of a private limited company. It indicates a business structure that has the limited liability of a corporation, as in the owners are protected from the debts or liabilities of the company. The assets of an individual and the company are considered separate. An LLC is typically simpler to set up than a corporation, while having similar protections afforded to its owners. This structure typically views taxation of the business as taxation of the owner, which prevents double-taxation on its owners.

When you are launching a new company in the United States, you need to decide whether it will be a sole proprietorship, a partnership, an LLC, or a corporation. There are benefits and cons to registering as one over the other and you need to decide which business structure is most suitable to your needs.

If you’ve been waiting for proper representation online for your LLC, now is the time to grab your brand name at the .LLC domain name extension. If you have an idea with a couple of friends that you’re just waiting to introduce to the world, grab your company its .LLC domain while you can. Don’t forget to share your new .LLC domain name with us on social – we’d love to see it!

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