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Get Inspired by Fall with Great Seasonal Domains…

While the northern hemisphere still deals with sweltering heat it might be hard to believe that fall is just around the corner.

Yes… fall, back to school, sports, and everything that comes with the change of seasons.

Maybe thinking about fall will give you some inspiration for new .domains that can help you get into the seasonal spirit.

Back to School

The end of summer means the end of summer .camp, returning from .vacations, and adults heading back to .work. It means putting up the .fishing pole for the season.

It also means that many people will head back to .school.

Whether it’s the first day of kindergarten, entering middle school or high school, or even heading off to .college, going back to school brings back memories for parents the world over.

For those who have kids heading off to .university, it’s a big change for the whole family. Undoubtedly, parents will tell their grown children to spend more time at the library than at the .bar. Whether or not their college-age children will listen is a different matter.

Fall Sports

Another sign that fall has arrived will happen when .football teams hit the practice field. In North America, football is one of the most exciting signs that the weather is about to change.

The marching .band gets together to perform at halftime, sending sounds of horns, trumpets, and drums for miles through the crisp autumn air.

While football is the big fall sport, lots of students also look forward to .soccer season at their school.

And what better time to play a round of .golf than in the fall?

Fall Traditions

What are some other signs of fall? For many people, it’s heading to a .farm to pick apples. Whether you prefer .green or .red apples, taking the family out to pick seasonal fruit is a wonderful tradition.

Another sign of fall is when the grocery store begins to stock pumpkin-flavored .beer.

It’s also a great time to go for a .bike ride as the weather beings to .cool.

As the leaves change colors, your .social calendar will surely fill up with .events, Halloween parties and more.

Fall is coming… we just need to make it through the finals weeks of heat.

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