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Introducing Business Promoter for Online Ads…

We are proud to unveil the latest addition to Namecheap’s family of products: Business Promoter.

Why Business Promoter is so Special

You don’t have to be a big business to have a big online reach. With Business Promoter, you can expand your company’s online visibility. Business Promoter is revolutionary new software aimed at making online advertising easy for small and local businesses. With packages starting at just $249 a month, it’s also affordable, and the automatic budget limits mean you’ll never overspend.

Business Promoter reinvents Google Adwords for small businesses. We make it simpler and more effective for small businesses to run ads. You can create your ad in three easy steps and present your results in the most straightforward way possible. You can set goals around anything from web and social media pages to phone lines and increased traffic into your store or office.

You Don’t Even Need a Website

A basic landing page is automatically generated from the contact information you give us. Its professional appearance offers the perfect place to send people for your company’s Call to Action.

An example of our automatically generated landing pages:

screenshot of business promoter website

Why You Need Online Advertising

We know advertising can be an intimidating prospect for small and local businesses. Business Promoter eliminates the need for complicated agencies; there’s no need to write code, design, illustrate, or even learn the complexities of Google Adwords. You simply tell us a few words about your business and create a Call to Action (what you want people to do when they see your ad). We’ll take care of the rest.

On average, businesses make $2 revenue from every $1 spent on Google Adwords. This shows how successful Google advertising can be–it’s also a useful statistic to bear in mind as your campaign progresses.

Our Reporting Panel

Measuring the performance of your ads is easy with our comprehensive reporting panel where you can track:

  • Customer ad landing page views
  • Customer ad landing page visits
  • Customer calls generated from your ad landing page with the ability to listen to your calls
  • Customer messages generated from your ad landing page, such as ‘get quote’ or ‘reservation request’
  • Customer driving directions (when applicable) generated from ad landing page

Part of the Business Promoter feature set is the ability to track and record phone calls to your business. You can listen to customer calls that are generated from your ads, which will help you better manage communications.


The price of ads on Google fluctuates depending on the number of clicks and how competitive your business is in your local market. With Business Promoter, you don’t have to worry about overspending–once your advertising budget is used up, your ads will simply stop running.

But don’t worry, you can upgrade your package at any time in order to increase your advertising budget. Want to run fewer ads? No problem, you can downgrade at any time too. Once you change your plan, your selected budget will become your new monthly amount without you having to specify again.

You’ll also receive a $150 in Google Adwords credit with your first month of Business Promoter.*

The Sky’s The Limit

You can upgrade your package to a bigger media budget, but bear in mind you will continue to be billed at the new, higher package level. See our full range of packages.

Questions? Read our FAQs on Business Promoter, take a look at our simple five-step guide to Business Promoter, or if you’re having problems getting set up, you can talk to our excellent Customer Service team 24/7.

Get Business Promoter now and start improving your online presence.

* Terms and conditions of our introductory offer:

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