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How Do I Pick a Domain Name & Do Keywords Matter?…

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The process of selecting a domain name for your business can be confusing for a lot of people, especially if you’re just starting a business. Ideally you want your business name and your domain name to match, so many entrepreneurs start researching domain names first, to see what is available. If you have a totally unique business name, there’s a high likelihood that the domain is available. But what if it isn’t? Then there is the question of search engine optimization, and whether or not you should include your industry keywords in your domain in order to receive a little more boost in Google.

In this video you’ll learn:

* How to pick a winning domain name, for your customers and Google
* Whether you should include a keyword in your domain, and what to avoid
* The #1 thing you should avoid including in your domain name


00:03: Hi. This is Lorna Li, the host of Entrepreneurs for a Change. And this video series is about how to build a kickass website. The topic of the day is whether or not you should be including keywords in your domain name. My recommendation is to always include a memorable brand name + keyword + .com top-level domain (TLD). Basically, the reasoning behind this is you want to make your site memorable. So pick a memorable brand name. You also wanna make your URL understandable to Google as well as to your audience. Having the keyword in your domain name tells not only Google but also site visitors what your business is about.

01:01: E.G. let’s say you have a yoga studio, and your brand name is Blissed Out; if your URL has as its domain name, this tells Google – and people looking for a yoga studio – that your business is about yoga rather than massage. Alternatively, if your brand name is Blissed Out, but you’re a massage studio or a day spa, then you might wanna consider choosing a domain name that’s The subject of keywords can be really confusing ’cause you’ve come up with a fantastic brand name but getting keywords in there just doesn’t make it roll off your tongue very easily or makes the domain name really long.

01:58: If adding your keyword/s (like a key phrase) to your domain name makes it too long, then just forget about having the keyword in it. Don’t go crazy trying to figure out how to fit it in there; the reason why is that if your domain name is too long, it makes it easier for people who are searching for you or typing your website URL into the browser address bar to make a typo. And if they type in errors, like if they make a typo in the address, then they’re gonna receive an error back. They’re not gonna end up on your website and they’re gonna go away. You wanna minimize the amount of typos that people will make if they are typing your website URL into an address bar, so keep it as short and sweet as possible if you can, probably no more than three words in your domain name.

03:05: Another question that comes up is whether or not you should include hyphens in your domain name, especially if it means that you can get that keyword in there. Often what has happened is a lot of the juicy domain names have already been bought, anything that has a single or two-word key phrase in the domain name has already been purchased by a domainer or someone else who had the great idea of starting a business on that domain. So don’t go with hyphens if it’s the only way you can get your keyword in there, because domains that have hyphens in them tend to be perceived as somewhat spammy, i.e. it’s not gonna give your domain a high level of trust by the end users and also search engines. Also, people tend to not think about domain names with hyphens in them. They’re typing in the series of words plus the .com, so if your website is, or, chances are they’re typing it all into the address bar without the hyphen and they’re going to not end up on your website. In short, if you can, always go with a memorable brand name plus the keyword in order to make it easy for search engines and your target audience to understand what your business is about. But if you can’t, then go with the

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