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How To:Create Your Own Customized Short URL Link…

How To Create A shortened URL Link For Facebook,Twitter or Any social Media Site. Get all the instructions here:

So you have an affiliate link or a long URL link and you want to shorten it? Well you can! I am going to show you how 🙂

Create A Account To Create Short Link

1) First I want you to go to: and you can either click on the “sign up for free” link at the top right hand corner. OR you can click on the “Trying to shorten a link? Click Here” on the lower left hand side. They will both bring you to the same sign in page.

2) Now second, you can either create your account by signing into Facebook, Twitter or create your own account.

3) Next action you want to take is to go grab the URL or Affiliate link (for example that you want to shorten and copy and paste it into the box at the very top right hand corner that says “Paste a long URL here to shorten”.

4) OK, so you have copy and pasted your URL into “Paste a long URL here to shorten” section. Press enter and voila!! You have your new shortened link!!

Now you are ready to share your customized links!

Here is a great little TIP!:

To see how many clicks you are getting per URL, you will find stats on that on the exact same page where all your new shortened links are displayed! This will give you an idea on what URL’s are doing better then others and which ones are engaging!


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