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Bing Ads launches mobile price extensions…

Bing Ads announced the rollout of price extensions on Wednesday.

Price extensions appear in text ads that appear in the top spot in mobile search results. Advertisers can use them to show prices for products or services and include up to a 25-character description with each extension. One price extension is visible from the ad, and a “view more items” drop-down displays three additional listings.

Bing Ads price extensions are now available in the US and rolling out to international markets.

The prices used in price extensions must be visible on the landing page, and that landing page can be on a third-party retailer site like Amazon or Walmart, as opposed to the advertiser’s e-commerce site. Advertisers are charged for clicks on price extensions, just like sitelinks.

Price extensions can be set up in the Bing Ads UI, via the Bing Ads API or imported from AdWords campaigns.

Just as when Google introduced price extensions in AdWords on mobile first, Bing Ads price extensions are only available on mobile at this time.

They’re live in the US now and will start rolling out internationally this month, except in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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