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How To Download Videos Uploaded On Quora With A Single Click…

Download Quora Videos

In the past few months I have talked a lot about video marketing, and in the coming months you can expect more stuff related to use of videos for marketing and content distribution. Recently, popular Q&A website “Quora” added the ‘video answers’ feature, which means, you can now answer users question by recording a video. I find this feature a very powerful tool when it comes to establishing yourself as a thought leader.

If you are someone who looks for Quora video answers, you might find yourself asking a question – How do I download my answered videos on Quora?

After all, you can re-use your video content on another platform considering it is solid content. Quora, currently, doesn’t offer any direct solution for downloading videos from its platform, and there is no guarantee that they will allow the same in the near future.

However, I have figured a way out to download the videos from Quora’s platform, and it works seamlessly. I’m pretty sure there will be more ways in future, but for now, this one works flawlessly.

How to download Quora videos

This trick works for any video that is uploaded on Quora, be it an answer from you or someone else.

A popular browser add-on – “Video Downloader Professional” – is available for Chrome and Firefox. I have tested a few other add-ons but none of them worked, leave alone seamlessly.

Moreover, while testing, only Firefox browser supported the video download from Quora while Chrome didn’t. It could be due to multiple reasons, but you should try both and see which one works for you.

In this case, I’m using a Firefox browser. After installing the video downloader professional add-on, open Firefox browser and open the page on which the answer is available. For example, here is one such page. Now, click on the play button and let the video finish.

Now, click on the add-on icon and you will see the option to download the video.


Click on Download and save the video at your desired location. That’s’ it. You have now successfully saved a video from Quora.

Here is a video guide for the same: