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.LOVE is in the Air this Valentine’s Day (and it’s on Sale f…

Valentine’s Day got you down? Or maybe it’s got you feeling light on your feet. Either way you feel, the domain names for ilove.LOVE or ihate.LOVE are up for grabs and since the .LOVE domain extension is on sale for $24.99, why not secure yourself a fun, love-centred domain name and let your true Valentine’s Day feelings shine through!

.LOVE for Wedding Planners

.LOVE is a Top-Level Domain (TLD) that has been making the rounds lately, and I think its best use is by wedding planners and couples who are tying the knot. Wedding planners can take advantage of some wordplay with the .LOVE domain extension to drive traffic to their websites. Nothing is more attention-grabbing for couples researching a wedding coordinator than a domain name like tyingtheknot.LOVE or weddingsfor.LOVE. You can use these unique domain names to redirect to your website or to a landing page to contact you and pull in new clients Googling how to plan their big day.

.LOVE for Couples

For the to-be-married couple, going the digital route for the wedding invites often makes sense. Setting up a Facebook event invite for your wedding, however, doesn’t always evoke an positive emotional response. Having a wedding website that can send out customized email invites is far more personal. A beautiful and modern webpage that is entirely about your wedding day and can provide updates and information to your guests as needed is perfectly aligned with the modern couple. Not to mention all the money you’ll save on paper invites, menus, and programs, by inputting these details into an infinitely updateable website. Choosing the digital path for a wedding nowadays is a no-brainer.

.LOVE for Musicians & Artists

A final use that I love for this awesome domain extension is having an artist use it to launch a new album. Hover offers a lot of great music-themed domain names. If you’ve got an exciting, new song coming out with love in the title, now is your time to shine. Use the .LOVE TLD to redirect to your website or land on a page playing your new tune. This is a such a unique way for a band or artist to promote an EP. How about snagging a domain name for popular song searches such as, allyouneedis.LOVE, tunnelof.LOVE, or crazyin.LOVE? Finding new ways to stand out and promote your music is key and this domain gives you that edge you need.

The .LOVE TLD is on sale from Hover during February 9th – 14th 2018. Happy Valentine’s Day from your Hover team and don’t forget to spread the #hoverlove!

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