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Toronto Tech Events to give you Major FOMO for 2018…

Last night was the first of many Hackernest and Toronto tech events that’ll be happening this year – and it was a great way to kick it all off! Despite the horribly cold and snowy weather, Hackernest had a full house for the event. Their gracious hosts, WeWork on Richmond Street, had an awesome loft space and a stocked bar ready for the action. Hundreds of tech lovers and developers came out for a night of networking, drinks, and learning about new projects happening in their community.

Hover loves sponsoring events like Hackernest. It brings together a group of like-minded individuals looking to better their city through technological pursuits. Similarly, TechTO offers a night out with Toronto techies, hearing keynote speeches from some awesome minds in the biz. It’s a night packed with networking opportunities and the chance to pitch yourself or your idea to everyone attending in the always-hilarious and nerve-wracking microphone toss. Another event, DevTO offers a place where developers can get together and solve their dev problems with their mentors and peers. At all these events, you’re able to meet people who are launching new businesses and hiring in the tech field. All these events are meant to inspire the dev community (and those who want to be part of it) to continue working hard towards their goals and to use their skills for the greater good.

Love tech but would opt for working over networking? Hackernest has got a worldwide event just for you! Fishackathon is approaching this February 10th to 11th, and Hackernest is calling for participants across the globe to create sustainable solutions to protect our waters and preserve our planet. This competition offers prizes and the chance to compete globally. We love a good hackathon and this one is going to be a big one. Whether you’re recruiting talent, looking for work, or just there to compete, hackathons provide a great opportunity to show off your skills in innovation.

If you ever can’t make these awesome tech events, know that Hover is here to provide live coverage on our social feeds. Pretend you were there to avoid that major FOMO. Find us sponsoring or attending tech events near you! And, if you do come, don’t forget to say hi to us at our booth – our swag is pretty awesome.

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