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Best Blogging Apps For Mac Users: 2018 Edition…

I’m a huge fan of desktop tools that can help me in blogging and increase my productivity.

I prefer desktop tools over online because with desktop tools, I can work without the internet. Working without the internet is especially useful because of how distracted I get when I try to write online. I end up opening at least 10-15 tabs and forgetting that I’m supposed to be writing!

If you also have the same condition as me, I suggest you start using software that can let you work offline. I know it’s hard to unplug from the internet, but if you do it once, you will notice the increased productivity that comes with this.

You will be able to do much more work in much less time.

I have compiled this list of the best blogging apps for Mac. These are all apps I currently use and you should also consider using them to increase your productivity.

(Note: Not all of them work offline…)

Best Blogging Software for Mac OS

-Desk for Desktop Publishing-

desk Mac writing app

The very first thing that I like about Desk is it’s a Mac app for writers.

I first tried Desk recently and I was surprised by all the features it offered.

I particularly love the feature that allows you to save the draft into the iCloud drive. From the iCloud, you can edit your draft from your iPhone or iPad. Desk integrates with all the major blogging platform such as WordPress, BlogSpot, Tumblr, and Typepad (to name a few).

This is one writing and blogging app that I highly recommend to you and for any other writer/blogger on Mac OS.

Download Desk from App store ($19.99)


Blogo Blogging App for Mac

If you are in search of an alternative to Open Live Writer or Desk App for Mac, you should go ahead and get this little beast.

This is one app you will love if you are blogging on the WordPress platform. The current version supports only WordPress, but the Blogo team promised to bring Tumblr and BlogSpot support soon.

moderate WordPress comments desktop

With Blogo, you can write offline and publish a post directly from your desktop. Use Blogo on your Mac, iPhone or iPad & it all syncs up perfectly. You can also add images, assign a featured image, and live preview your post before publishing.

-Snag It-