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“Professor’s” opinion about GR.COM Domain Names @ www.domain… – : See the opinion of Professor Von Puppet about GR.COM Domain Names Registry from GRcomRegistry

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Hello my friends, I’m Professor Von Puppet and today we will be talking about Domain Names, and not any random Domain Names but Domains at These names are great, and perfect for websites with a Group, Greece or Grand Rapids focus. As I keep saying to my students, you should flood this service right now and get all the short, memorable and generic domain names while you still can. I can only imagine the reason you haven’t already snapped up all these great names is because of an intergalactic conspiracy to hide them from your eyes, and allow you to see only .gr and .com domains. For your sake and for the sake of all human kind, GET THEM!!!! …. I’m Professor Von Puppet reporting live from the GR.COM Domain Registry at


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