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How To Apply Micro Ring/ Loop Hair Extensions to Short Hair …

Learn how to apply, bond and blend micro loop/ ring hair extensions. Short/ medium or long length hair. The best haircut/ layers for blending the natural hair into the extensions & a review! Enjoy! =)

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Blending hair extensions into short hair can be hard. It’s all about placement of the extensions and making sure you have enough tape wefts if the hair is thick. Make sure the hair is cut with a soft, tapered layers (point cutting) so the layers don’t look like a staircase/ chunky. Using face framing layers that frame the hair line like my models hair also helps as it means you don’t have to place the micro loops extensions so close to the hair line.

*Placement is key, make sure you use the brick layer pattern so there is no sparse gaps in the hair, do NOT the micro loop extensions right on the hairline as this will make them show when the hair is tied up or in an up-do style.

Use real remy hair not fake and be careful for companies like Raquel Welch who claim it’s real human hair, yeah right!

*Begin by placing the micro loop extensions low to the head but not too low or you’ll left with a mushroom on top, not a good look!

*Be careful not to have the micro loop extensions too high and exposed and always have a thick chunk of real hair covering the beads. Using your clients eyebrow/ temple area as visual boundary and avoid going any higher will help a lot 🙂

*Straight lines make things like hair extensions easy to notice, avoid straightening the extensions if your real hair is very short…Instead, curl the extensions into your real hair, especially if your hair is short, this will blend the extensions in and hide the areas that expose your short real hair, this gives the illusion of long natural curly hair.

* Use a rat tail comb as shown in this video to get the cleanest/ thinnest sections for your micro beads.

*Work with straight hair as it is cleaner and smoother and helps reduce fly aways which can cause hair that doesn’t need to be in a bead getting caught and causes pain/ breakage to the hair. Once completed then client can curl her hair 🙂

*Apply the micro loop extensions 1cm away from the scalp otherwise if too close to the scalp they will stick out and look obvious. Not to mention be very painful for the person wearing them!

*Take care of your extensions, ALWAYS use heat protectant spray when applying heat from curlers and irons. Always have a WIDE toothed comb handy as your extensions will need to be combed through a couple of times a day.

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