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Growth Hacking Tactics For Beginners (How To Use Them To Gro…

Growth Hacking Tactics For Beginners

For over five years now, startup activity has experienced massive growth around the world.

In fact, a post on the City A.M. blog shows that “a staggering 100 million businesses are launched annually, according to figures from GEM Global Report. It comes to just over three businesses every second, or 11,000 per hour.”

However, does that mean that starting a business is easy? Well, I will say that starting a business is easy, but starting a business and making it a success is very difficult. Landing your first paying customer is even more challenging.

Interestingly, as many companies are turning into successes, more and more companies with killer services and products are failing on a daily basis.

In an article published on LinkedIn Pulse, Kevin Vyavahare showed that “The failure rate for new startups seems to be around 70% to 80% in the first year and only about half of those who survive the first year will remain in business the next five years.”

However, no matter how many statistics you look at, or what you understood about them, startup life is drudgery.

Now, you may wonder…why do lots of good startups fail to see the sun?

The graph below from CB Insights shows some of the traits that often result in startup failure.

They include:

  • Not having the right team.
  • Having a mediocre product that is not needed by the market.
  • Poor customer service.
  • Funding related problems.
  • *The inability to take the right products to the right people.*

Top Reasons Startups fail


Whether pre-launch or post-launch, failure looms everywhere, especially in a startup’s early days.

You can write fascinating blog posts in your industry, hire the best social media marketing consultants, build a killer content marketing team, invest massively in video marketing and PPC ads, but still not get the publicity and profits needed to become part of that 10 percent of startups that succeed.

That being said, one can wonder…

The answer is simple:

Growth Hacking.

5 Easy To Apply Growth Hacking Techniques

Surprisingly, growth hacking has become a prevalent phrase in the internet marketing industry today – many brands and businesses are using it to skyrocket their business growth beyond human imagination.

In today’s post, I’ll reveal to you the easy steps you can employ today to dramatically grow your business with growth hacking.

This way, you’ll be on good footing to be one of the surviving 10% of success stories.

1. Make compelling videos a part of your content strategy.

You probably know by now that storytelling is one of the best content marketing strategies on the internet. It can help a lot in strengthening your brand’s credibility and boosting your conversions.

Now, integrate your story with visuals and your message’s visibility will go through the roof. This is because, as humans, we process visuals 60 thousand times faster than text.

Apart from that, visual related content (in the form of infographics, charts, memes, screenshots, videos, etc.) also tends to attract more shares and views on social media.

However, among all the visual content marketing formats out there, video is the most powerful. It can single-handedly help you touch millions of people in less than a week and convert them into good brand advocates.

Typically, video marketing is one of the most efficient growth hacking tactics on the internet, and if you can use video to convey an exciting story about your product, you’ll stand the chance of getting lots of repeat customers.

In the month of November 2015, as the most popular social media platform on the internet, Facebook crossed 8,000,000,000 daily views in their videos as stated by TechCrunch – double of what it was seven months earlier.

Similarly, Syndacast made an interesting prediction that “74 percent of all web traffic will come from video by 2017.” (I suspect this has happened.)

The famous Whiteboard Friday hosted by Rand Fishkin of Moz is an excellent example of video marketing in the internet marketing and blogging niche.

Whiteboard Friday

This program has massively helped Moz in expanding their brand reach and getting more trusted paying customers.

The idea with this technique is to entertain as many as people as possible with videos.

You don’t have to solely focus on producing tutorial videos like the Whiteboard Friday, there are lots of other things you can do.

For instance, the guys at Dollar Shave Club did a remarkable job at creating a brilliant marketing video that ended up drawing a lot of people’s attention.