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HilltopAds Review: Get High CPC/CPM Pop-under Ads…

Finding a good & reliable Ad network to monetize our blog is a headache? Is in’t it?

There are many well-known ad networks like AdSense, out there which are very popular. At the same time, there are many other ad networks out there which have a greater potential to make money from running ads on the blog but are not so well-known. One of them is HilltopAds which many of you might not be knowing but they are slowly & steadily getting popular. In this guide, I will share a review of HilltopAds, how to get started and by the end, my goal is to help you make more money from your blog.

If this is your first time here at ShoutMeLoud, you should know that I review many ad networks so that you can pick the one that finds suitable for your blog traffic & niche. After reading this review of Hilltopads network review, you should browse ShoutMeLoud’s make money online category to find more topics that will help you monetize your blog.

Now, without further delay let’s see what’s good & bad about HillTopAds & how to use it.

Hilltop Ads Review: A Complete overview of CPC/CPM Ad network

HilltopAds is a CPC/CPA/CPM ad network that offers various ad types. The most popular are pop-under ads which are available for both mobile & desktop site. They also have banner ads & social ads (CPA) that you can use to make money. HilltopAds is a U.K. based advertising network that uses a combination of smart tech & custom approach to help businesses grow their profit & publishers/bloggers to earn money.

HilltopAds is popular in following niches: Gaming, Downloads, PinSubmits, Dating, SweapStakes, Video Streaming, File Hosting, Entertainment and offer ads for all Geo’s. There is no brainer that you will make more money if you have traffic from Geos like the USA, UK, Australia & few others.

Payment options:

Hilltopads have minimum payout requirement is $50 only which is well suitable for small & medium publishers. The payment is done weekly, and you can use Payoneer, Bitcoin, Paxum, Webmoney and ePayService to receive payment. For few payment methods like Bitcoins require you to have minimum $100 for payout. If you are premium kind of publisher & making more than $1000 with Hilltopads, you should opt for wire transfer as your payout method.

Few important things to know about HilltopAds:

  • They are most suitable for Pop-under Ads
  • Minimum payout is $50
  • No more mixed content warning for publishers as they offer HTTPS ad tags.
  • Their in house tech rejects bot traffic, click farms, malware, and viruses
  • Advertisers can do advanced targeting based on country/city/language, device type, retargeting, browser/OS, Keyword, Time/frequency cap targeting, IP range, mobile carrier/wi-fi.
  • Ad networks rotation and eCPM real-time optimization.
  • Publishers can add more than one website from the dashboard.
  • You can’t use HilltopAds along with AdSense as AdSense is not compatible with Popunder and pop-up ads.
  • You can manage account as a publisher or as an advertiser from a single dashboard.

How to get started with HilltopAds & make money?

If you are using any other ad network for running pop-under ads, you should definitely try HilltopAds. Their anti ad blocking technology will ensure you get paid for every view on your website, that is one thing most of the publishers are suffering from.

Now, follow the steps mentioned to quickly get started with HilltopAds.

  • It can take up to 3 days for getting account approval.
  • Once your site is approved, click on Zone & create ad code.
  • Add it to your blog & let the  Hilltop Ads rotation do its magic.


Hilltopads is a growing ad network & if you are someone who is looking for pop-under ads or an alternative to AdSense as you are banned from or not getting approval, Hilltopads is a great ad network to try out. Their technology is what makes them stand out. Another notable thing is Net7 & minimum payout of $50 that makes it easier for a blog with medium traffic to receive minimum payout soon.

Create an account on HilltopAds

Are you using Hilltop Ads to run advertisements on your blog or advertise your business? Do share your Hilltopads review in the comment section below.

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