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Registering a domain name for your small business…

This short course provides all the information you need to register a domain name. For more courses, see

0:00 What is a domain and what will you learn in this course
0:58 Quiz questions (answers will be at the end of the course)

*Types of domains*
1:46 Understand the different types of domain names ( .com, .net,, .car, etc)
3:46 Domain types market share (.com, .net,, etc)
4:14 Subdomains, http, and https
5:24 What does a domain cost

*Selecting a domain name*
6:05 letters, numbers, hyphens
7:29 International domain names (using non English characters)
8:42 Check your domain cannot be misread
9:20 Name generators: get some ideas
9:58 Do some background checks
11:36 Avoid squatting and trademark violations
13:19 Optimise for search engines (full match and partial match domains)
14:53 General advice

*Domain name resell market*
16:29 How to find a domain expiry date
17:42 Know where a site will go to auction
18:41 Make an unsolicited approach, or get a broker

*Understand how domain names work*
19:40 Domain registrars, name servers, and how a users web browser finds your website

*Selecting a domain registrar*
22:58 Domain registrar market share
23:54 Checklist for selecting a domain registrar
26:49 Register your domain

29:40 Quiz with answers


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