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RINGR Coupon Code: Remote Podcast Recording Tool…

One of the biggest challenges among podcasters is how to record a call with a guest/attendee/co-host who is sitting remotely. There are many solutions like you can use Skype recording tools or many others. However, the problem is the quality of sound.

RINGR needs no introduction in the world of podcasting as this is designed to record any call, anywhere in the world and it feels like two of you are sitting in the same room. This is the same tool we use for ShoutMeLoud podcasts, and I have never been so happy after discovering RINGR.

Rings records call at both the parties end and that makes it work best even if anyone is on the low bandwidth. Once the recording is done, Ringr automatically uploads the file from both the end to the Cloud and then you can download the recording anytime. The pricing of RINGR is as it is low (Starts at only $7.99/month). However, today I have this special promo for RINGR which will help you save up to 25% on the total pricing of Ringr.

Another cool part about RINGR is; it allows 30 days free trial without needing a credit card. These 30 days is good enough for you to test out the quality of the recording. In fact, even if you have never podcasted before, Ringr will make it easier for you to get started.

RINGR Pricing & audio format features:

RINGR offers two different plans & the best one is what you should opt for. The regular pricing is $18.99 & if you prepay for a whole year, you get two months for free.

In the trial period, you get access to premium version & you can try all the features that you like. If you are an advanced user, you can also make changes in the output audio format. Here are few options that you can configure for the Audio format. They also support custom settings in case if you are a sound engineer or an advanced user.

Here is a video that shows how RINGR works. It will give you a clear overview of why this is one must use Podcasting tool: