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An Event-driven and Reactive Future – Jonathan Worthington…

Are you curious about reactive programming? In that case, this seminar is something for you.

It seems that “reactive” is fast on its way to being a buzzword. The Reactive Manifesto paints a picture of a future where software is event-driven, scalable, resilient, and responsive to users. Inherent in all of this is accepting asynchrony as “normal”
– a challenge to an industry more used to synchrony everywhere!

Thankfully, help is at hand. The reactive extensions, or Rx for short, enable us to do reactive programming in a clean, declarative manner. The intricacies of asynchrony are factored into the various Rx combinators, leaving our code focused on the problems we’re solving.

In this session Jonathan Worthington will introduce the ideas behind reactive programming. He will also show how Rx and C# can be used to tame a concurrent domain and solve problems cleanly.


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