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Make a Professional Website #1 | How to Get a Domain Name… — best web host — OVER 50% OFF! — My Boring Channel’s Website

This is the beginning of a series of videos on how to make your own professional website using WordPress. The response to my old video, (How to Make a Free Professional Website) was so great and I got so many questions about how to do things that the hosted version of WordPress can’t do that I decided this series was in order.

This series will show you how to do everything you need to know how to do to make a professional website from the ground up. You will understand how to get your own domain, how to find a good host, how to set up WordPress, how to manage your database, how to upload pictures, how to make a blog or a static website, how to set up email forms, how to use plugins, how to optimize your site for fast load times, how to tweak the code for your chosen theme . . . plus a lot more. This series could go on for a long time. It just depends on the interest.

If things go how I hope they’ll go, you’ll see a series of short videos, each covering a specific topic. Each successive video will cover a new topic. Because we’re not trying to cram everything into just one video, we’ll be able to go into greater detail than would be possible with one long tutorial. I will try to keep the videos short and to the point.

As this project progresses, I hope to start answering user questions as new videos in the series. The whole goal is to teach the concept of WordPress, not just how to teach users to make a cookie-cutter website.

So stick with us! It’s going to be exciting as you learn to utilize WordPress and how to create your very own professional website. Oh, and did I say it was going to be very inexpensive? I’m talking about less than $7 per month. About the price of a latte and a bagel.


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