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How To Choose A Domain Name…

How to choose a domain name from

You can have the greatest product or service in the world but if people can’t find you online it’s like you don’t exist in the virtual world. The first thing you need to do in order to ensure people can find you online is choose a terrific domain. In this article I’ll share with you how to choose a domain name for your website.

1. Choose a domain name that’s easy to spell.

Don’t get caught up in the trend of choosing a domain name that’s spelled in some cute way. Most people have spent there whole life learning how to spell. If you can find a domain that’s spelled properly and easy to spell it will be easier for people to find you online.

2. Choose a domain name that’s short.

If at all possible try to keep your domain name short. The more characters a user has to enter into their browser to go to your website the more likely they will make a typo. Long domain names are difficult to enter into a browser and often time they’re hard to remember as well.

3. Choose a .com.

I know it’s hard but you really should look for a .com address. All the other domain extensions are subordinate to .com. If someone remembers the name of your site chances are they will be typing in the .com without thinking. Don’t let them be wrong get a .com.

4. Choose a domain name that has to do with what your site is about.

Most people will understand word association with your web address. If I ask you what they sell at what are you going to say? “Diapers”, of course. Try your best to find a domain name that has something to do with what your product or service. This will make it way easier for your customers to remember your domain name.

By now you’re probably wondering how you find a domain name that’s short, easy to spell, a .com, and has something to do with what you’re selling. It’s not going to be an easy find since most common words in the english language have been registered. If you can’t find a domain that’s available you should be willing to buy or rent one. Tomorrow I will tell you exactly what you need to know to find who owns a domain and buy it from.

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