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In-Flight Content Guide: Making the Most of Your Content Jou…

What does content marketing success look like to you? Is a healthier pipeline? Increased client retention? Or something completely different? While every marketing team might have a slightly different goal for content, the message is the same: You have to create a predictable way to gauge the impact of your content.

The content marketing journey can be perilous at times. At every turn there is a new competitor, shiny object or new “best practice”. This can cause teams to get so caught up in the creation of a quantity of content, that content amplification strategies are an afterthought, or even worse, not executed at all.

We appreciate that you’ve travelled 1,000’s of miles with us on this content marketing adventure. We’ve packed and prepped for our content expedition through developing a content strategy and hiked our way to creating a memorable content experience. But what good is content strategy and creation if you don’t have a plan to get your content in front of the RIGHT people?

While it can be tempting to end your journey once you’ve developed content, it’s really just the first leg of the adventure. Now it’s time to focus on top amplification and co-creation opportunities to make your content soar.

For this edition, please join me in thanking our crew of experts including: Peg Miller, Arnie Kuenn, Jessica Best, Lee Odden, Deana Goldasich, Amisha Gandhi, Maureen Jann, Cathy McPhillips, Pierre-Loic Assayag, Justin Levy, Zerlina Jackson, Robert Rose and Anna McHugh!

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Stay close to your customer & sales team, & you’ll never run out of content ideas. @PegMiller Click To Tweet
Set aside a budget to amplify your content to improve reach. @ArnieK Click To Tweet
The most engaging content is a response. @bestofjess Click To Tweet
Ask prospective customers for preferences & invite them to share topical expertise. @leeodden Click To Tweet
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Create memorable experiences with interactive content that adds value. @AmishaGandhi Click To Tweet
Messages must be crafted to fit both consumption mode & the marketing funnel. @MaureenOnPoint Click To Tweet
Make it easy for your influencers to share content with prewritten messaging. @cmcphillips Click To Tweet
Partnering with influential experts is crucial to creating engaging content. @pierreloic Click To Tweet
Paid social can help greatly improve reach & engagement if used properly. @justinlevy Click To Tweet
Develop strategies to deliver content beyond your website. Zerlina Jackson Click To Tweet
Better work inherently drives deeper engagement. @Robert_Rose Click To Tweet
Be passionate about the content you’re creating and truly believe in the value. @amchughredhat Click To Tweet

What’s Next?

It’s time to book your ticket for Content Marketing World 2017!

Content Marketing World 2017

To connect with this content marketing crew of experts in person, be sure to check out the agenda for the 2017 Content Marketing World conference.

You can also follow along and participate in conversations via Twitter by using the hashtag #CMWorld, by following CMI on Twitter (@CMIContent) or by subscribing to our blog.

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