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A Domain to Match Every Personality…

Two men, one working with a .trade and the other on a .date

There are many different aspects to your personality, online and off. So why limit yourself to only one domain? At Namecheap we have a variety of new domains for an incredible price of only $0.48 each!

You might be focused on the big .trade at work, but at night bring on the roses and music, because it’s all about your .date! Do you love the rush of .racing, or would you rather relax and .stream your entertainment? We’ve got your back either way! And whether you are interested in .science or in .faith, the right domain is waiting for you.

From June 15th until the end of 2017, you will be able to bring your interests to life with one of our great new domains. Each of these domains is only $0.48 for the first year, or you can register them for five years for $5.58! And each domain comes with a free year of WhoisGuard.

WhoisGuard was designed for domain owners. With this service in place, your confidential information is no longer publicly available.

And with every domain purchase, get two months’ free private email! To start the trial, simply activate the option from your shopping cart after you add a domain.

At these prices, why not grab them all for the .win?

Check out all of these great domains, and register them at Namecheap at the lowest price anywhere!




















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