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10 Signs You Own Way Too Many Domain Names…

Buying a domain name is one of the most exciting things to do for those of us who create things online. For some of us, though, it’s perhaps a little too exciting. We know the feeling: you find an unbelievable domain name that was miraculously still available, then tell someone about it and they give you a blank stare while they try to understand what all the fuss is about.

Don’t worry, though — we completely understand. We sell domain names for a living, so we definitely get why finding a great domain name is more exciting than…well, pretty much anything else.

If you share this passion for domains, here are ten things you can probably relate to:

1 – You search for a domain and it’s already taken…by you.

2 – You can’t hear an interesting word or phrase without then thinking “I wonder if that domain name is available?”

3 – Your morning routine includes opening domain renewal emails.

4 – You know 50 different ways to spell your name because you own the corresponding domain names.

5 – You accidentally add ‘.com’ after every item when writing your grocery list.

6 – You can barely see the side scrollbar when looking at your long list of domains.

7 – You buy domain names as gifts.

8 – You don’t even need to look up your A or CNAME records because you know them by heart after entering them so many times.

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9 – Your biggest fear isn’t heights or public speaking — it’s letting a domain name expire.

10 – You’ve searched Hover with words like “butt” or “goat” just to laugh at how they look with different top-level domains.

What are some other signs that you own a lot of domain names? Let us know in the comments!

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