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Domain Flipping – Part 1 of 7 – Introduction To Domain Name … – Do you want to make some quick money? Well one possible way is to flip domain names using an email. Flipping domains is the process of buying expired domains or expiring domains and selling them again at a profit. To do this you will first need to find a source of domain names that are available or that can be purchased at a reasonable cost.

To be successful at this it is first necessary to know what people are searching for. The best way to do this is to Google trends and AOL Hot Searches. Keep track of these for several days to see what terms stay high.

The next step is to go to Google AdWords. See if you can find terms related to your results from the first step. If you can that is great and you are ready to proceed to step 3. If you can’t then you need to try again.

Next go to a domain finding site. Two of my favorites are Instant Domain Search and NameBoy. If you are interested in buying domains that have just dropped, then try out the site called Just Dropped dot com. Find available domain names that are similar to your search terms. Both of these sites will tell you if the domain name is available and suggest alternatives if they are not available. Try for names ending in dot com. Also try for names that are short and easy to say. These will sell better.

Next go to a site that will sell the domain name. The largest of these is GoDaddy. You will need to create a user account with an email and then follow the simple directions to register the domain name. Often you can find coupons which will allow you to buy these domains at an even cheaper price.

Your next step is to prepare to sell the domain that you just purchased. Amazingly eBay is a great place to sell domain names. First you will need to set up an account with eBay using your email. Then you will need to set up a great listing. Great listings include an appraisal value. A great way to do this is by using the free service on NameBoy. If you are buying a web site that is up and running you will want to list the current traffic to the page. Also you can make suggestions to the bidders of possible uses of that domain name. Most of these bids start at 99 cents and you will be betting on the bidders taking it much higher. The key to making money is in doing this in volume and buying high demand domains.

Money can be made in this way. Like anything else your success will depend on your ability to choose great domain names that are in demand. An email is essential to your success. Remember that you need to buy low and sell high to make the most money.


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