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A funny review of top domain name sales for 2013…

How much can you sell your domain name for? Attorney Steve and Frontline Lisee have some fun talking domain name sales as reported from one internet website. We are goofing around but you might be surprised at what some domain names are selling for.

There are new Gtld’s coming out now that ICANN has allowed new domain extensions to be sold. Donuts is a company that paid the $185,000 application fee and willing to pay an annual fee of $25,000 to launch some new domain name extensions. The internet world is expanding, making the internet continue to evolve as a mysterious social communication and e-business medium.

Selling your domain names or trying to acquire new ones? Watch this show that discusses what the top domain names sold for in 2013 at least according to one website we reviewed.

When buying a domain name keep in mind domain name due diligence tips. We have discussed this important topic in a free e-book we have distributed called Attorney Steve’s top 30 domain name due diligence tips. Google it.

Internet law is evolving, and the domain name universe is intersecting more than ever with company brands and trademarks. Most companies are very serious about growing and protecting their domain name portfolios and to defend them against cybersquatters in UDRP proceedings. This video makes you realize why there is so much at stake in the domain name universe and why your company may need a good domain name and internet lawyer to help you choose good domain names that will not infringe the intellectual property rights of other brands and companies.

Internet Lawyer Steve Vondran can be found at

We wish you all the best in choosing great domain names for your company and in getting top dollar when you seek to sell your domain name or a website.

Digital property is an important aspect for any new business to consider. This is general information only and not investment advice. Facts and figures should be verified since date was found on the internet. This is a husband and wife podcast show. Happiness and laughter keep people together. Smile today. Make a difference and make it count. You can be the greatest digital business person that ever lived. The world has endless potential and you were born at the exact right moment in history. Seize the day.


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