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This video is the shorter version of A Complete Guide on How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name for Your Chiropractic Clinic. Details on how you can access the full version of more training videos like this can be found over at

While there isn’t one magic formula to help chiropractors select the perfect chiropractic domain name, there are some tested rules that can help them avoid making a poor choice.

Consider the following characteristics of good domain names:

Short and sweet: Try to find a memorable and sensible domain name. Usually, the shorter it is, the better chance it has to being remembered and used.

Keyword-rich: Search engines do give weight to domain names, so consider using the chiropractor’s name, city, and/or something about the chiropractic practice that people might search for.

Local words: Since chiropractors rely on local search, incorporating the city or even neighborhood into the domain works well.

Free of numbers and hyphens: When people try to remember a domain name, it is unlikely they will remember any special characters or numbers. Besides, those rarely provide good food for search engine bots. Try to avoid numbers, hyphens, or anything else that is unusual and hard to remember.

No trademarks: The last thing you want to deal with is a copyright infringement suit from another local doctor or even a national brand. Keep your name clean from the suggestion of copying another brand’s trademarks. If you need help with this, checkout LegalZoom’s comprehensive trademark search.

Good extensions: It’s always safest to select a traditional TLD like. com,. org, or. net. Even though it might be easier to find the right name in one of the newer extensions, the new ones are harder to remember and more expensive. Conversely, extensions with traditional extensions are usually more valuable if the website ever gets sold.

Branded: The domain name should reflect positively upon your company’s brand. Some names might seem cute or catchy, but make sure they won’t turn out to be regrettable later.

How to Register Your Chiropractic Clinic’s Domain Name Today

As time passes by, finding a memorable and short domain name can be difficult. However, the good news is is that most domain names don’t cost much.

So the sooner you purchase one for your chiropractic clinic, the better. Just make sure you select a domain name that is both search engine and user-friendly.

To get started, I recommend using the following domain name registrars:

GoDaddy: found here…
NameCheap: found here…

Each registrar has their own pros and cons but I prefer doing business with the three listed above. The one I use the most is GoDaddy because their DNS propagates faster.

Selecting a chiropractic domain name isn’t rocket science but it is essential toward building a strong web presence within your local community.

If you haven’t claimed your domain name, get started by visiting GoDaddy, NameCheap or Hover today.

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