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Earth Day Google doodle offers up conservation tips to help …

While the official date for Earth Day is April 22, Google has posted its 2017 Earth Day Google doodle a day early.

To celebrate this year’s Earth Day, the Google doodle team has created a slide show of animated images reminiscent of a children’s book.

Designed by doodler Sophie Diao, the illustrations tell the story of a fox dreaming about a world with polluted oceans and suffering through the adverse impact of climate change. Upon waking, the fox begins to make small changes during his day that lead to greater energy-conservation efforts.

Google shared the following sketches of the doodle in its early stages:

Clicking the search icon on the doodle leads to a search for “Earth Day tips” and surfaces an interactive tool that includes a collection of Earth Day tips, along with information about the conservation efforts currently underway by the World Wildlife Fund, The Ocean Agency and The Jane Goodall Institute.

“Today, we honor the rich, vast Earth that’s sustained generations before us and continues to nurture life and inspire wonder,” writes the Google Doodle team on its blog, “At an estimated 4.543 billion years of age, the Earth is still the only known object in the Universe known to harbor life.”

Google’s Earth Day doodle is being shared across the globe — posted on its US and international home pages.

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