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What is Domain Name…

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A domain name locates an organization or any other entity on the Internet. For example, the domain name is,,

Moreover, a domain name is a unique name for a web site. Domain names must be registered. Once domain names are registered, they are added to a large domain name register.
Registering a Domain
Lot of domain name companies register domain names. These companies provide specially designed interfaces and offer you variety of domain name extensions. Domain name extensions are .com, .us, .org, .biz, .me,, .info and many others.
Choosing a Domain Name
Choosing a domain name is like keeping a name for your organization. The domain name explains an organization’s philosophy — For example domain name such as PizzHut explains the philopshy of an organization i.e. the company is related to pizza industry etc.
Do note, The best domains have the following characteristics:
Short – People are lazy (ah majority of them) usually they don’t like to type! A short domain name is always easier to type, read, and remember.
Meaningful — Domain name must make sense to you and to others too. For example a domain name like may make sense to you but to the whole world it doesn’t make any sense. So sleect domain that relates to your business as well as people can understand easily.
Clear — In simple avoid complex names which are difficult to pronounce and even difficult to write.
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