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Why & How To Capture 360* Videos/Photos From iPhone: 360…

Capture 360 degree Videos From iPhone

There are two kinds of progressive people in the blogging industry:

  1. Those who accept technology when it’s almost mainstream.
  2. Those who understand which tech could become mainstream.

360* videos are likely going to become the rage in days to come.

The question is:

When will progressive users accept it as the best form of video content to consume?

As a consumer, I realize that 360* videos (aka virtual reality videos) will be the most profitable and most consumed content type in the near future. One reason why is the high bracket of users who will be the first ones to consume VR content.

And we all know that money is where the qualities are and not the quantity. However knowing all these facts, one thing that has often stopped me from buying a 360* video recording camera is the cost. When a quality virtual reality headset like the “Samsung Gear VR Oculus ” costs hundreds, creating such content on a regular basis would be out of budget for a hobby user like me.

On January 17th, 2017, I was staying in a beachside hotel in Miami. I had only 3-4 days left before flying back to India. I knew this was my only chance to shop for those things which are not easily available in India & usually launch first in the USA.

This was when I started looking for a camera that could create 360* videos. The first few options I found were above the price tag of $500 (beyond my affordable range for experimenting).

I was about to skip buying a camera that could record 360* videos when I bumped into one device that made me write this post.

This guide is about a budget-friendly camera that only works with iPhone (an Android version is in the making) & makes capturing videos in 360 degrees child’s play.

The gadget that I’m talking about is the Insta Nano 360.

Despite having an Instagram-centric impression, this one turned out to be one of the must-have gadgets of 2017. It works with any video social networking site like YouTube or Vimeo and also  360* image-friendly sites like Facebook.