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SEO and Web Marketing with Photographer Gavin Holt…

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If you are in Southern California and have attempted to market your photography business online, then you have probably run into Gavin Holt in the course of your research. Gavin’s background prior to photography was web marketing and SEO, hence for the past several years he has ranked at or near #1 in the Google organic search.

Now, if Gavin weren’t a great photographer, this SEO prowess wouldn’t serve much of a purpose. However, honestly speaking Gavin is one of the most talented and well versed photographers that I have met. While most photographers specialize in specific lighting techniques and subjects, Gavin is one of the only photographers that I have seen that has a broad body of work that is all equally impressive. His advertising, fashion, editorial, sports, and wedding photography are all equally impressive.

With his photography prowess and his SEO and web marketing skills, it is no wonder why Gavin runs one of the most successful photography businesses in Southern California. In this interview, we chat through Gavin’s photographic background and discuss quite a few tips and tricks to help you in your online marketing efforts! Apologies in advance, we recorded this fairly late in the evening, so we started losing light towards the end of the interview. Regardless, it still should prove quite informative. Enjoy!

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See more of Gavin’s wedding work with him and his wife Judy at –


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