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How An Affiliate Network Mistake is Making GoDaddy Lose Busi…

Having an affiliate program for your product helps in more sales; this is a well-known fact among all the progressive companies. However, the challenge is to create a self-hosted affiliate program or use an affiliate network like Commission Junction, ShareASale, Rakuten or any other.

As a growing company, once you decide to work with an affiliate network, it contributes a lot to your success. If you are the affiliate manager of a program, you understand the importance of putting up policies, things not to do & bids that are not allowed while doing PPC. In a nutshell, you set rules that preserve the integrity of your brand & at the same time doesn’t stop genuine marketers to promote you.

An affiliate network should enable brands to connect with right affiliates and empower both of them to generate more revenue & enabling affiliates to sell more. However, if an affiliate network starts imposing restrictions without the knowledge of the brand, this affects the overall sales of the brand in a longer run & let the competitor with more friendly affiliate program win. When you considering this scenario, you should consider only the sales brands are getting based on their “affiliate network & affiliates.”

This article is an experience of me as being a GoDaddy affiliate from past 8 years. At the same time, I’m also an affiliate of closest GoDaddy competitor “NameCheap” using another affiliate network ShareASale.

“ShoutMeLoud” gets about 1.5 million+ page views & month & sends a considerable amount of traffic to web hosting & domain sites. Being one of the top 5K Global Alexa site & online from past eight years, we understand what a quality product is & what it meant to establish a brand.

As an end user, we all know that NameCheap & GoDaddy goes neck to neck when it comes to domain name business. When GoDaddy is remarkable with their pricing, NameCheap is popular for their simplicity. As an affiliate, for me to recommend either of them is almost the same.

However, this post is not about NameCheap Vs. GoDaddy, rather it’s a rant from an affiliate on how GoDaddy is losing affiliates even after using world class affiliate network like Commission Junction & what they can do to fix the problem.

How Commission Junction is not the best Affiliate Network for GoDaddy Affiliate program:

ShoutMeLoud is all about “becoming your own boss.” The first time when I mentioned about “GoDaddy Affiliate program” they had their in-house affiliate program. I had to change my affiliate links again when they switched from in-house to popular affiliate network “ShareASale” & “TradeDoubler.”

Since I used Affiliate link cloaking, it was easier for me to update the link with one click rather than updating 200+ blog posts & editing my eBooks. NameCheap affiliate program is run by the ShareASale affiliate network.

After a while, GoDaddy shut down their affiliate program with ShareASale/Trade Doubler & moved to Commission Junction. Now, all the affiliate marketers who are part of this industry for a while knows about Commission Junction (CJ) affiliate network and as well as how important Affiliate link cloaking is.

If not, this video explains in detail on how Link cloaking helps in affiliate marketing: