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Add A Clever Domain Name With A Unique Extension To Add In Y…

Today Niels shares how he added a domain name with a different extension to get a short, easy to enter URL for clients.

Video Information:
International juggler Niels Duinker shares a tip about short domain names and how you can add a domain name to aid in marketing to your clients.

Video Content:
Hello everyone, my name is Niels Duinker, and this is my performing tip for today. Well my name, Niels Duinker, is not very common in the English language, and you might have an uncommon name for your show, or your performance persona as well. So what I have done, I have bought an extra domain name, besides, and that’s Because I find that way it’s a lot easier on the phone when you are talking with a client, to just point them to the promotional materials. And I figured out if they are not clever enough to write, well, most likely the booking is not going to happen.

An extra domain name with a short, clever name and different extension can be picked up for very little money and directed toward your current web site.

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