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PayDrill – A Must-Have PayPal Desktop App For PayPal Users…

PayDrill - PayPal Desktop App For Paypal Users

Have you ever wanted a PayPal desktop software which lets you use PayPal right from your desktop? 

How about a PayPal app that lets you track PayPal transactions, view your account balance, process refunds, and send money?

Or an app that lets you view PayPal analytics in real time?

Well, I have always dreamed of a PayPal desktop app that gives me data which helps me to identify my top paying customers, gives me meaningful analytics to make better decisions, and lets me unlock Paypal’s full potential.

This all was a dream until last week when I bumped into a PayPal desktop app called PayDrill.

The features of PayDrill make it seem too good to be true.

Features of PayDrill

After hours of stumbling around and weighing the pros & cons of this app, I finally decided to give it a shot. The only thing that I was afraid of was sharing my PayPal login details & I was glad to know that this app uses API to fetch all data (meaning my login info is safe & secure).

A Little Background About My PayPal Usage & My PayDrill Review

PayDrill is for anyone who is using PayPal to receive payments from others.

In my case, I mostly use PayPal to receive payment from advertisers, affiliates, and a few of my clients. Since PayDrill markets itself as a “salesforce for PayPal”, and I use PayPal for my business, I was wondering if it would be useful for me.

After spending one block of my productive time (25 minutes) with it, I realized this $37 tool could provide me with some invaluable data to help me make intelligent business & sales decisions.

Moreover, it pulls up data from PayPal to my local desktop so I can always filter, search, view, and download my PayPal transactions instantly.

The thing that got me most excited was an option to analyze months/years of PayPal data & list out the customers who have sent the most money. This helped me quickly identify those affiliates and advertisers who are most profitable for me.


Another feature that made me try PayDrill was the option to send payment from the desktop.

I often need to send PayPal payments, and when using the PayPal web interface, it usually takes 4-5 minutes. With PayDrill, now I can send payments within a minute.


I was considering PayDrill as a simple PayPal desktop app, but after carefully analyzing the features, it turned out to be a complete PayPal account management desktop app.

Consider this guide as a complete review of PayDrill & a tutorial to start using PayDrill. You will also learn how to get your PayPal API key, which will be useful in the coming days.

Before we learn the complete PayDrill setup guide, let’s look at some quick points about PayDrill:

  • PayDrill works on both Windows & Mac.
  • Once it fetches the data, you can use it offline.
  • Blazing fast & easier access to your PayPal transaction details.
  • Check your recent PayPal transactions from your desktop.
  • Gauge sales performances for all of your products sold online through PayPal, including sales made through eBay.
  • Reward your customers by analyzing customer recurrence and loyalty.
  • Quickly view and download reports on payments received, payments sent, customers, and products.
  • The more expensive license lets you connect more than 1 PayPal account to PayDrill.
  • PayDrill uses PayPal API to ensure the safety of your account.

Well, there are many more features, but these are some of the features that are good enough to get you started. For bloggers, online entrepreneurs, freelancers, accountants, this app is a real time saver.

You can visit the official PayDrill site here.

Getting started with PayDrill is easy & anyone with a PayPal business account can set it up within 5 minutes. If you have a personal PayPal account, you can upgrade to a PayPal business account for free by going to the PayPal summary page.

The Complete Guide To Configuring The PayDril Desktop PayPal App

Simply follow the steps to get started with PayDrill:

  • Get your PayDrill license.
  • Download Adobe Air & the PayDrill app.
  • Install Adobe Air first & then PayDrill.
  • Open PayDrill & enter your email and serial key. Then click on “Register”.


  • After software registration is done, you need to reopen PayDrill.
  • This time, you need to click on “Connect to PayPal”.

Connect to PayPal

Now, create a PayDrill account.

  • Fill in the information and click on “Next”.

Create a PayDrill account

To get your PayPal API details:

  • Log in to your PayPal account, click on Tools > All Tools > API credentials > Generate API Signature or view API signature.

Signature or view API signature

Do watch the below video to understand the complete steps for getting your PayPal API: