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Social Marketing with GEO Targeting and Keywords

Social Marketing with GEO Targeting and Keywords

Targeted social marketing involves using specific keywords to reach potential customers on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and thousands of other popular sites. With geo-targeting and keyword-based marketing, you can target your audience by geographic region using text ad clickthrus and/or full page interstitial views of your website. Target by country, keyword, PCs or Smart Phone devices, and enjoy numerous other benefits.

If you don’t use social advertising, then realize that your competitors are likely already REAPING THE BENEFITS! Social networking has been a phenomenon for several years and continues to grow. More and more people are getting on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites….and age and social status don’t seem to matter anymore!

Just about everyone that has Internet access either has a social page or is at least thinking of getting one. If you choose not to do the “Social Advertising” scene….then your competition will!

The key to social marketing success is to use a service that combines all the avenues of promotion to multiple social audiences. You’re probably too busy to keep up with all the major social websites and to promote your business through these avenues daily. But with social marketing services, you’ll be allowing marketing experts to do the promotions for you!

Don’t ignore the power of social networks and how they can work to your advantage. You’ll get targeted backlinks to your site (which is great for SEO), new followers that are interested in your products or services, and the opportunity to get your ads or web pages seen by thousands of very active Internet users. Check out social website marketing today and see how affordable and effective this method can be!

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