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Short URLs Can Enhance Your Twitter Posts

Short URLs Can Enhance Your Twitter Posts

Have you wondered if there’s a way to squeeze more information into those limited Twitter posts or Tweets?  Short URLs make it possible. These are URLs or web addresses that have been shortened to fit into tight spaces, such as the “limited character” Twitter posts and other similar social posts.  Short URLs enable you to type more for your ad or update, so space won’t be wasted on longer web addresses.

You can create shorter URLs for Twitter posts using a number of services online.  With these services, you’ll merely copy and paste a longer URL into a field, and click a button to shorten it.  With all services, the shorter URL is a redirected domain name.  When someone clicks the short URL or types it in, it will redirect back to the exact web page that you entered when shortening it.

Your Benefits

Shorter URLs give you more space to type your message in social posts for Twitter and/or Facebook, email ads, on banners, etc.  They can be used for various campaigns to test ads or email messages.  Short URLs can also be used to earn extra income.  Some services such as give you the ability to create a short URL that directs the visitor to interstitial ads. There are earnings each time the interstitial ad is viewed as well as earnings for any clicks or impressions received on the ads.  This is a great way to get a shorter URL and earn extra cash!

Another benefit is you can use short URLs in press releases and other types of announcements.  Shortening the web address makes it more attractive in the writing and helps your users find your site much easier.

Considerations with Shortening a URL

When considering a short URL, make sure you are using a legitimate service.  Like everything else that hits the news online, scammers have already jumped on the bandwagon to try and exploit the use of shortening web addresses.  So only use those services that have a good track record with other web users.

Don’t shorten every URL just because you can.  There are still times to use your longer web addresses for promotional purposes.  It’s good for branding when users can see your actual domain name, so use the shorter URLs discreetly.  If you’re not sure which to use, check out other posts to find what successful social marketers are doing in similar ads or Tweets.

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