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Make Money with WordPress and Interstitial Ad Plug-ins

Make Money with WordPress and Interstitial Ad Plug-ins

As a WordPress blog owner you might be considering third-party advertisements as a way to make money with WordPress. This is a great way to monetize your blog if you don’t already sell products or services of your own. One type of ad that has grown in popularity in recent years is the interstitial ad. It is an ad that blends with the “ebb and flow” of a website while offering specials to users as they explore a site.

What is an Interstitial Ad?

In general, interstitial ads are actual full Web page advertisements that show to a site visitor either before or after visiting a page. Here’s an example: Let’s pretend a visitor comes to your site, browses a few content pages and then gets ready to sign up for your free e-book or a free product giveaway. But upon clicking the link to go to the free offer page, he is first shown a page that is actually an ad of some sort.

Next Example: Interstitial ads sometimes appear after a purchase or offer page. If users make a purchase, an interstitial ad may appear after purchase to thank the customer and/or upsell with another offer. Or, if a user decides to click away from an offer without buying, you might add an interstitial ad with one more plea and an even greater discount. This increases your chances of making a sale every time!

Once shown the ad, he can either keep reading and/or respond to the ad before signing up for your free offer, or he can simply click “Skip Ad” or a similar command to keep surfing your site as usual.

What about Interstitial Ads and Blogs?

Your WordPress blog works similar to a website in that it has links so users can browse your blog’s various pages. Interstitial ads can be integrated into your blog code using a plug-in so they’ll work similar to those on regular websites. When folks read your blog and begin to click links, they can be presented with an interstitial ad page with a special offer.

How You’ll Earn

You can make money with WordPress using interstitial ads by either selling your own products using the ads or by placing interstitial ads for other companies. If doing so for others, you can potentially earn any time someone views the ad – whether the user acts on the offer or not. You’re being paid for impressions” instead of actual responses or clicks.

Some marketing firms now offer free WordPress plug-ins to integrate advertising campaigns into your WordPress blog. These might not only include interstitial ads, but also text ads (pay-per-click), banner ads, and ads that can be customized for your own offers. If your blog isn’t already geared to sell products/services, these plug-ins are great for earning cash with your blog, and they take minimal effort to install.

Use interstitial ad plug-ins to monetize WordPress and start enjoying more benefits from your blog. Your blogging efforts can pay off if you use these tools wisely. Interstial ads are popping up all over the Web….even at mainstream websites! So they definitely should not be ignored as a potential money-maker.

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