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Earn Revenue from Your Forum with Short URLs

Earn Revenue from Your Forum with Short URLs

If you operate an online forum or even if you post regularly to someone else’s forum, a good way to earn revenue is to use short URLs in your posts. Short URLS not only work better in forums (in contrast to very long web addresses), but they also simplify the posting process and give you a means to earn extra passive money.

What’s a Short URL?

A short URL can be issued by websites for free to provide you with a way to shorten those long, mind-boggling URLs such as specific product pages in a database or any web address that’s longer than usual.

The URL is shorter so you can post it in the forum area easily. No longer will you have to limit your linking capabilities to the text/character limits within a forum post area. If your URL is too long (or even if not), just get a shorter URL through a reliable URL shortener service, and post all the links you want without hassle.

How Do You Earn?

Here’s the fun part….some services offer cash rewards every time someone clicks on your shortened URL. This benefits the shortener service because they receive publicity for their website and services. It benefits you because you’ll earn a set amount of cash each time a forum user clicks on your short URL!

Sound too easy? Well, it is easier than you could ever imagine. You’ll just post your short URL, and then earn every time a forum member or reader clicks on it to visit your link. So if 100 people click your short URL, then you’ll earn every single time! Not to mention, the shorter URL will enable you to list links to your product pages and other sales pages, without worrying about the link address being too long. This expands your capabilities as a forum owner or regular poster.

Targeted Users a Plus

If your forum is like most others, it is likely a targeted one that focuses on one particular subject, such as health/weight, classic cars, accounting, music, marketing, gardening, religion, etc. This means you’re more likely to get frequent clicks on your short URLs as people visit the forum. Forums are thought of to be “non-threatening” meaning they are not designed to necessarily sell anything. Users are more willing to click links for more information because they don’t feel pressured into buying items. They seek advice and information; when they find a good possible resource, then they’ll click on the link to learn more. Using the short URLs will give you credibility in the forum and encourage more clicks as users start searching for useful information on their favorite topics.

With short URLs, you can start succeeding through your forum with very little effort. It’s a no-brainer that gets immediate results!

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