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3 Key Features Every Ad Network Should Have

3 Key Features Every Ad Network Should Have

Finding an ad network online that works for your business isn’t easy. There are so many to consider, each offering its own spin on online marketing. How will you know which advertising network will bring long term results?  For starters, you’ll want an advertising service that focuses on three key areas of online marketing – targeting, tracking and fraud prevention.  Why these three areas?  All three are crucial to success when marketing on the Internet.  All three help you to reach a ready-to-buy audience, keep up with the results, and make sure no click fraud or spamming is involved in your promotions.  Let’s explore these three key features a little further.

1.  Targeting Your Audience

If you simply create and promote ads to a general audience, you are less likely to see results.  Targeting in an ad network helps you reach a specific audience that’s either interested in your products or services, or in a specific geographic area.  Some sites enable you to target by keywords, location (country, region, etc.), or by the device that web surfers are using to find website.  Targeting your audience simply means that the people you are trying to reach through banner ads, interstitial ads, text ads, etc. are indeed prospects of your products and services.

2.  Tracking Features

While you might be targeting a specific group of people, it’s still smart to track your results with any advertising network. Tracking features such as visitor statistics, traffic sources, traffic audits, etc. can help you know exactly if your ads are working or not.  You’ll be able to test your ads as well as the audience you’re trying to reach so you can hone your ad network results!

3.  Fraud Prevention

With fraud prevention and detection, the advertising service will offer proxy detection, click ring detection, and macro/bot prevention and detection.  These anti-fraud measures will help ensure that every ad dollar you spend goes toward your own campaigns.  There are many “ad thieves” that want to steal the traffic that’s rightfully yours, so fraud prevention should be a priority with any ad network.

Once you know for certain that the advertising service offers all three of the features above, you should take time to compare pricing, testimonials from other customers, and the company’s guarantee policy.  Make sure the advertising network is owned by a reputable marketing company that’s been in business for a while.  Many newcomers in the marketing arena make big claims, but never deliver the visitors or profits that are promised.  Use these three features as criteria to choose the ad network that’s right for your business.

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